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The Art Of Interviewing Children

How to get kids responding naturally for the camera

  • 2 sample page The Art Of Interviewing Children
  • 1 sample page The Art Of Interviewing Children

The Art Of Interviewing Children by Angie Baxter is a resource for photographers and parents who love to Photograph their Children.

The question I get asked most often is, “How do I get natural, happy and emotive expressions from people, especially children?”

The Art of Interviewing Children is full of all the things I say and and do during a session, or while photographing my own children.

This instructive eBook has over 60 pages of techniques, tips and camera settings.


  • Each page has practical tips and exact words used to converse easily with children
  • Photos on every page include lens and camera settings
  • Start taking more natural photos immediately


About Angie Baxter

I am a family portrait photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to photographing gorgeous families, I run photography workshops around Australia.

My goal in life is to stay excited and grateful for all that my days bring.  And my goals as a photographer are to keep learning, keep striving to take more amazing photos than I did yesterday, and to one day photograph Pink.

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Price: $30 AUD

6 thoughts on “The Art Of Interviewing Children

  1. I have just received my fabulous ebook, thank you!! In my career as a family and kindergarten photographer, I have photographed approximately one gazillion children and yet on every page of your fantastic book I found gems and nuggets and laugh-out-loud suggestions on connecting with these gorgeous little people, that I had never considered. I can’t wait to start trying these brilliant tips (and some of the camera settings too!!

  2. Not just for the Child Photographer but a must have for anyone who works with little people. This e-book provides you with fun and clever ways in which to engage with children of all ages. So much magic, in one little book, I highly recommend!

  3. Hi Angie, after completing your course and enjoying it immensely from your infective enthusiasm to your amazing tips and tricks I am so excited to get my hands on this book. what a great idea… Look forward to doing your next course too.

  4. Hi Angie Having listened to you at the The Digital Show in Melbourne, I have to get your ebook. It is so full of wonderful ideas and tips, you have a natural way with children. I have a baby shoot booked for tomorrow and will definately try some of your techniques. Thank you.

  5. Hi Angie!! Just wondering if you travel to Tasmania to hold workshops??
    I love your style and would like to learn anything i can to improve my photography! Thanks, Vanessa :)

  6. I finally got the chance to try out your book with my client. It was amazing! The little girl reacted to the questions and she was giggling all the way. Thank you for making it available to all or us.

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